I represented this device as a speculative product of the future that 
would be easy to find in every convenience store.
In the form of a grow-kit, the potential user acquires a box with a cell culture.
The user is required to deposit a piece of his tissue to make the device start its development. After a few days, it would reach its total growth and be available for the consciousness transfer process. After that, the device will seek the nearest touchscreen available and overtake the tasks relieving the user from his social obligations.
For the representation of a Bio-engineered device, I decided to use organic gelatine. Besides its natural appearance, this material, just as real flesh, is conducive and proper for controlling a touchscreen.
To accomplish this interaction, it was necessary to install a cable inside of the synthetic finger connected to the metallic frame of the cellphone. This circuit allows the system to be electronically grounded and the touch interaction possible.
The movement is performed by servo motors, drinking straw joints, and nylon threads.


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