Employer: Quadrature. Berlin, Germany
Position: Internship Interface Design / Creative Technologist
Client: Center for Translational Cancer Research TranslaTum

Concept and idea
3D Renderings
Material and technological research
Cost evaluation
Consultation with 3D Printer Service 
The proposal consists of concrete forms generated by the algorithm "cellular automata." The structures are conceived to take place in the center's foyer. The installation plays the role of sculptures and furniture, leading visitors to new forms of interaction. The work takes inspiration from advanced cancer research technologies, such as digital simulations of cell growth or prototyping with 3D printers. Therefore, it was aimed to manufacture these forms with 3D concrete printers.
A 3D shape was generated using the Cellular Automata algorithm to create the concrete forms. Afterward, the most interesting parts of the main shape were extracted to produce the sculptures.
A big part of the project involved material research and implementation. Therefore, an extensive research was done on concrete 3D printing companies. We had the technical support of the company Twente-AM, which accompanied us during the process and took care of the feasibility of the work.


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