To use this machine, the user feeds the device with snippets of paper. A camera located under a feeding surface captures the fluctuations of brightness depending on the amount of paper.
The visual information is transferred to two software on the computer. Max/MSP translates visual information to data, and the music software Ableton Live, which receives the incoming data. In this software is located a synthesizer, its parameters fluctuate depending on the information received from Max MSP. The synthesizer-generated frequencies are afterward transduced to an audio output and directed to an external soundcard.
The audio signal is connected to a vibration speaker. Unlike the standard speakers, it has a vibration coil that generates strong physical vibrations.
The vibration speaker has been attached to a mirror, which oscillates depending on the frequency generated by the synthesizer.
A laser located near the mirror blasts a beam and makes the physical oscillation visible by its reflection.


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