Daniel Boubet is a highly skilled multidisciplinary artist and designer, boasting an Interface Design degree from the esteemed University of Applied Sciences, Potsdam. With a passion for innovative technologies and creative design practices, he possesses a strong foundation of problem-solving strategies and aesthetic knowledge.
With an artistic approach to his methodology, Daniel draws inspiration from specific objects or technological trends, using experimentation and research to uncover unconventional approaches to design. His focus on generating unique experiences drives his work, whether in digital or material mediums.
As a believer in the limitless potential of interface design, Daniel's diverse portfolio extends beyond traditional web pages and apps, spanning across multiple disciplines such as tangible interfaces, rapid prototyping, AR/VR, graphic & 3D design, and art installations.
Currently, Daniel is the founder of metaplazas.com, a top-tier studio based in Berlin, that specializes in delivering custom web3 experiences. For those interested in collaborating with Daniel on their projects, please use the link below to get in touch with him, as he would be delighted to help bring their vision to life