Hello, my name is Daniel Boubet. I'm from Chile, but I've been living in Berlin for the last ten years. Recently I graduated in Interface Design at the University of Applied Sciences, Potsdam.

During my education, I fulfilled my curiosity for the junction between creation and innovative technologies, developing my job profile across design methods and artistic practices. Therefore, I confidently rely on problem-solving strategies, design concepts, or practical solutions with creative and aesthetic knowledge.

My methodology is rather artistic. For the creation process, I start with a fascination for something, such as specific objects or technological trends, for which I find unconventional approaches through experimentation and research. Whether material or digital, what matters is the generation of unique experiences and, although sometimes challenging, the ability to enjoy the process itself. 

I believe that interface design goes beyond web pages and apps. Therefore my portfolio expands across different disciplines and concentrates on experimenting creatively with tangible interfaces, rapid prototyping, AR/VR, graphic & 3D design, and art installations.

When I'm not working on my projects, I might be on a bike tour, practicing martial arts, or making electronic music in my studio.

If you like my work, please get in touch with me at the link below. I would love to know more about your project needs and find a way to help.